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Treatments We Provides

Such as vaccinations, flea and tick, deworming, wellness testing, heartworm testing, pet foods and treats, and dental products.

Our doctor, with his experience in emergency medicine is able to assist you when your animal becomes ill. With our vast library, resources, pharmacy and diagnostic equipment we are able to provide this service on site to ease your worries.

Animals, like humans, require yearly examinations to ensure good health. At this time the doctor can make suggestions to ensure a long and healthy life for your family pet.

Our in house laboratory includes serum biochemistry, Complete Blood Count, Electrolytes, Urine analysis, and fecal flotation analysis. We can also test for giardia, parvovirus, feline leukemia virus and feline immunodeficiency virus on site. Any tests that cannot be performed on site can be sent to a well recognizable laboratory with test results emailed to us as soon as 24 hours later.

Our state of the art machine allows for clearer and adjustable images even after exposure. This will help in reducing the number of exposures needed and keep your pet happy. These images can be placed on a CD for you to take home!

Our office is equipped with many prescription diets on hand, primarily offering Medical and Purina diets. We are also able to have any diet order to our facility. Purina diets can be delivered to your home!

We are able to assist with your puppy or kittens’ basic training as well as any behavioral issues that may arise later in your pets’ life.

Including intravenous fluids with pulse oximetry and technical monitoring. Our portable O2 concentrator allows us to provide oxygen therapy in a convenient and safe manner.

We have a state of the art laser machine that we are able to use as an alternative to medication. Laser therapy increases the release of endorphins (Natural pain killers), decreases inflammation which helps tissue return to a normal state and also restores metabolic function.

Laser surgery is a safe alternative from a standard scalpel incision. Decreased Post-Operative pain is accomplished when the laser seals the nerve endings as it cuts. This reduces pain impulses from the surgery site in the immediate post- operative period. Reduced bleeding and blood loss is achieved through cauterization of blood vessels as the laser beam vaporizes the tissues. Reduced risk of surgical infection occurs due to the super heating of the tissues in the incision site, destroying any bacteria that are present at the time of surgery

Our veterinarian is equipped to handle all different types of soft tissue surgeries.

Surgeries are available Monday to Friday; these procedures include hospitalization, intravenous fluids, pre-anesthesia blood work, pain management, and e-collar.

Our fully equipped pharmacy allows us to fill your prescription on the spot before you leave.

Office Hours

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